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We cover just about every topic imaginable in our eCommerce blog, which is a valuable training and educational resource available exclusively to Launch Commerce members. These articles will help you to get the most out of Google Analytics, learn more about eCommerce marketing best practices, starting and running an eCommerce business from scratch, operations, shipping and fulfilling orders, and even working with overseas manufacturers.

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We’re available to help guide you with any eCommerce questions, projects or tasks that you could use an experienced partner’s input.  We offer both retainer-based and project-based models – and for a very limited number of business owners, we offer the “Platinum Advisory Group” membership, which includes 4 hours of 1:1 time each month, plus site evaluations, exclusive community benefits, educational offers and mentoring.

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Launch Commerce provides complete eCommerce outsourcing, and is able to grow all aspects of your eCommerce business so that you can focus on what you enjoy doing best.  As your trusted eCommerce business partner, we build your eCommerce store, grow your marketing channels, and even handle order and payment processing and fulfillment to ensure speedy delivery of your products to your customers.

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Participate in our exclusive community of eCommerce business owners with our eCommerce Professionals Forum.  This forum is available to active members of Launch Commerce, who are all able to positively contribute to the community and help others in the group.  We will also have in-person meet-ups and other special events (such as a crowd-sourced community member eCommerce store that we will build – and own – together).  Join now!

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No matter if you are just beginning your eCommerce venture or if you are a seasoned pro, we are sure that you will find valuable tips and pointers to use to help grow your business and generate more revenue. Whether you are here to read and learn, to listen to our podcast, or to partner with us as part of the Launch Tank or on a contract basis, we're confident that you will find something to help you.
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Latest from our eCommerce Blog

Welcome to Launch Commerce


Thank you for checking out the new Launch Commerce.  We have some very ambitious goals for our eCommerce community, and this post unofficially gets things under way with the first steps toward accomplishing those goals.

My goal, simply put, is for this site to become a destination for all things eCommerce, where people can come and learn everything that they need to know to start or improve their existing eCommerce business.  It will be a place where I can share my experience from over 20 years in the eCommerce industry, and hopefully make eCommerce a bit less intimidating and overwhelming to you.  eCommerce can be an opportunity for you to take control […]


Ultimate eComm Podcast – Cycle of eCommerce – Episode 0

I’m very excited to announce that Launch Commerce has officially kicked off the community and education portion of our business, and we’re happy to say that you will now start to see 2-3 new articles appearing each and every week.  And as always, members of Launch Commerce will have full and prioritized access to ask me (and others) questions in the premium community forums as well.

But this post is here to announce something bigger, that I am very excited about – something very fun to do, and hopefully very useful to all of you.  I’m happy to announce that “The Ultimate eComm Podcast” episode 0 is now live here on Launch […]

Ultimate eComm Podcast|

Product Analysis Using Google Trends

I’ve been asked a lot recently to expand on my earlier article on Choosing the Right Product, so I think it is a good time to go into a little bit of a deep dive to help people find that thing that really clicks with them.  And when I say a little bit of a deep dive, I can’t make any promises exactly how deep this is going to get.  Whe...

Comparing eCommerce Platforms

Which is the right eCommerce platform for you?  Depending on your unique case, there could be different answers to that question.  For many of you reading, looking to start your very first eCommerce site, the answer is obviously going to be different than a big company with business teams and web developers. But in some cases, it may actually be the same answer. It really depends on what you need, what your budget is, and what you plan to do with your eCommerce business.

I’ll start with what is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world right now – Shopify.  Personally, I’ve been a Shopify user for over 7 years now, and I’ve seen it come a very long way […]

Choosing the Right Product / Design

The first and most important thing that you need to determine when starting your eCommerce business is determining your niche / product / design component.  After all, as you can imagine, if you don’t have a product, then none of the other pieces will matter at all.

This is where most people fail.  They fail to think about this topic, or they fail to come up with a good idea.  It doesn’t matter what your product is, if it is digital or physical, dropship or inventory, inexpensive or very pricey.  You don’t have to start a store with hundreds or even dozens of products, especially if you’re launching your own brand of something. Hell, maybe you only have one product in […]

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